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Meet our Staff

Brenda Mihalko, Creative Coordinator

Brenda is passionate about the arts and what they mean to the community. She is a freelance graphic designer, a hobbyist photographer, mixed-media artist, and self-proclaimed "behind the scenes girl". She is ecstatic over the fact that she gets to plan and provide creative programming to kids and adults alike, and loves the interaction with other artists that this position allows.

Let us introduce ourselves.

The Phoenix Arts Center is comprised of teachers, artists, technicians, and business owners -- like-minded individuals with a common goal of revitalizing the community through art and culture. PAC's Mission is to create an art rich, community engaged, environment that encourages creative thinking, artistic discoveries, and cultural revitalization. The Phoenix Arts Center—AT THE VERY HEART OF ART.


The Uniontown Arts Fellowship is an organization of people working to bring the arts and culture to our local community. The Phoenix Arts Center is the home where classes in the arts (organized by the UAF) are held. 

The Phoenix Arts Center currently operates out of The State Theatre Center for the Arts Union Trust Building, and is a place where all members of the community can take part in the arts.

The name for The Phoenix Arts Center is taken from the mythical bird  associated with the sun. The phoenix is cyclically regenerated or reborn, obtaining new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. Through art and culture, UAF acts through The Phoenix Arts Center to do the same for Uniontown and Fayette County.

Meet our Board of Directors

Carrie Attaway

Uniontown Native and local business owner, Carrie Attaway, is a Founding Board Member of The Phoenix Arts Center. With a degree in Theatre from WVU, she explored her passion for performance from coast to coast with stage, television, film, and voice over credits. Locals may recognize her as the former Feature Reporter for New 19 HSTV.  “Exposure to visual and performing arts is a crucial part of society. We do more than just create art and perform shows, we help cultivate out of the box thinkers.”  Carrie is currently the Chairman for the Department of Theatre and is working on the 2nd Annual 10 Minute Play Festival for new works by local writers.

Jane Koresko

Jane grew up in a fiercely active developing society of South Korea in 1970. She spent her life moving back and forth between Korea and United States forming a unique bi-cultural perspective. Her passion for art started when she was introduced to piano at age 6. She was trained as a concert pianist and has performed in various international stages. However, Jane’s stage life is behind her and she is devoted to liturgical music and as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist the healing power of arts (especially music).

Susan Manchin

Susan Manchin, Creative Director, Author, and Product Designer studied at Rutgers University, Université François Rabelais de Tours, and West Virginia University. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from WVU, where The College of Human Resources declared her logo design the most accurate presentation of the college-university relationship. Her commitment to The Phoenix Arts Center is fueled by her philosophy that creative motivation and inspiration are a direct result of the sum of our interactions with the art world.

Dylan Sullivan, Treasurer

Dylan was born in Uniontown, PA in 1970 at the Uniontown Hospital. He has lived in and visited many beautiful places but is proud to call Southwestern Pennsylvania home. Dylan is currently pursuing a degree in Business Management while working for the U.S. Department of Commerce. Originally introduced to The Phoenix Arts Center by his daughter, Elizabeth, he was soon a student himself, and is now a valued member of the UAF Board of Directors.

Bill Talkington

Bill was formerly an auditory neuroscientist at WVU, but nowadays finds himself trying to make the internet a better place as a web developer. After moving to the Uniontown area, he started to look for ways to grow and better his new home. Firmly believing that expanding art and cultural opportunities can act as a vehicle for economic revitalization, he quickly found his way to the Phoenix Arts Center.

Would you like to join us?


Help us to promote LIFE, HOPE & HEALING through the ARTS!

  • There are LOTS of ways to get involved with The Phoenix Arts Center, including:

  • Assisting our Artist Instructors with class setup & facilitation

  • Distributing advertising materials

  • Helping with fundraising efforts

  • Representing us at community events

  • Serving on our Board of Directors or on Committees

  • Providing snacks at our Showcases

  • and much more!


The Phoenix Arts Center is always looking for artists to help us bring quality programming to the community! If you are interested in being a teaching artist with us, please view the options below and apply for all in which you are interested!

Teaching Artist

Teaching artists are what we sometimes refer to as instructors. They are artists, experts, and hobbyists in their field or craft. Teaching artists propose their ideas to us! Tell us what you want to teach, and we'll make it happen! To apply to be a Teaching Artist/Instructor, click on the button below!

Special Instructor

Special instructors help us plan the classes our students ask for! So this is the opposite of a teaching artist. Instead of the instructor proposing the idea for a class, they take the ideas of our students and make them a reality! There are two kinds of special instructors: Lead Instructors plan classes in their artistic area for our students. Community Instructors plan classes in their artistic area for other community organizations who approach us for special classes for their members. To apply to be a Special Instructor-- either Lead or Community, click on the button below! 

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